...a thundering resonance of Thracian mountain melodies...

7:30 PM19:30

EVET and True Life Trio

True Life Trio performs riveting, intricate vocal harmonies from Eastern Europe, the Americas and beyond. This innovative trio explores the creative possibilities of cross-fertilization between different vocal traditions, with unlikely timbres connecting Bulgaria to the Bayou. The group features the profound vocal talents of Leslie Bonnett, Briget Boyle, and Juliana Graffagna, whose musical collaboration was forged in the Bay Area’s legendary Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble. Together, the trio’s voices weave and meld as if by magnetic force, honed and polished by a common love of vocal music the world over.

EVET will share the evening with True Life Trio, performing an intimate set of Turkish, Greek and Albanian vocal and instrumental music. These captivating and expressive musical forms reveal the relationship and cross-pollination which has happened over the centuries in that region.


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1:00 PM13:00

Museum of International Folk Art Opening

EVET performs at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe for the opening of the exhibit, Beadwork Adorns the World on Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 1:00pm-4:00pm. 

The exhibit is about what happens to glass beads that are made in one place and end up, often times, far from home. Like the glass beads, music also travels and adorns people’s lives in different ways. EVET would like to take you on a little musical journey from Anatolia Turkey, to Bulgaria, to Greece, and points in-between. 

Come and listen or come and dance. From 1:00-1:40 EVET will play music from Turkey and Armenia. From 2:00-2:40, music from Bulgaria. From 3:00-3:40, music from Albania and Greece and more. Lovely beads of folk music!

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7:30 PM19:30

Balkan and Middle Eastern Winter Dance Party

Kefi, a Greek word described as meaning the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, and associated with the expression of positive emotion, on the dance floor with Santa Fe folk dancers and belly dance performances by Deborah Newberg and Areena! Music from Serbia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lebanon and Egypt. Paradiso’s beautiful wood dance floor and its warm bohemian atmosphere is the perfect venue for welcoming an all-ages music and dance event.


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5:30 PM17:30

Creativity for Peace Salaam-Shalom

EVET performs dinner and dance music for Salaam-Shalom: A Celebration of Peace, the annual fundraiser of Creativity for Peace. Creativity for Peace nurtures understanding and leadership in Palestinian and Israeli adolescent girls and women so that they take on significant roles in their families, communities, and countries that advance peaceful coexistence.

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7:30 PM19:30

UWC-USA Balkan/Middle Eastern Music Night

Featuring EVET and introducing the UWC-USA Silk Road Ensemble. 

7:30pm, UWC-USA Silk Road Ensemble opens the event with students performing works from Macedonian, Albanian, Romani, and Lebanese folk traditions. 8:00pm, EVET performs works from Turkish and Balkan folk and contemporary traditions, with a brief nod to the Middle East. 

Join us in the UWC-USA auditorium or via Livestream at:  https://livestream.com/uwc-usa/evet

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